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A fresh new batch of THIS! with special guest Brandon Taitt. Brandon was gracious enough to sit down with Christian for an extensive and often impassioned conversation about one of Christian’s favorite forgotten television series and one of Brandon’s favorite people. This episode features a first for our little show, so give it a listen, give it some thought, and be prepared to be moved.

Also, there were some audio issues; you’ll notice Brandon’s voice suddenly becoming louder and quieter as the episode rolls along. This is partially due to editing problems and to microphone switches. Either way, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but if it somehow triggers your ADD distraction and you can’t take a deep breath and relax your way through the episode as-is, send Christian and angry email at

Episode 6 is online now!

As always, the show is also available on iTunes (where it’s now “THIS! w/ Christian Hagen” for searchability) and Stitcher Radio.


One comment on “EP. 6: KINGS! BARACK OBAMA! (POLITICS!)

  1. Christopher McCarthy
    September 12, 2012

    Thanks for putting your show on Stitcher!


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