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A lot of people may have given up on “the album,” in favor of quick singles and small attention spans. Not Janelle Monae; the singer’s debut full-length album, The Archandroid, is a nearly 70-minute long, 18-track concept album about androids, time travel, and female empowerment.

Oh, and did I mention it’s one of the funkiest, catchiest, most soulful pop albums you’ll ever hear?

It’s backstory and running time are huge, but The Archandroid‘s greatest feature is the engrossing, fun, manic presence of Monae’s performance, and the deft way she handles music styles ranging from funk and R&B and pop and hip-hop to soul, folk, punk, and even big band.

If you want to read a more extensive review of this album, check out Christian Hagen’s piece for AudioSuede from that site’s “Best of 2010” feature:

Christian pitched The Archandroid, his favorite album, in episode seven of THIS!



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