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It’s that creepy, eeky, freaky time of year again: Halloween! Yes, Halloween, the time when we all band together to agree that it’s not only acceptable for a man to dress like Lady Gaga, it might even win a contest somewhere. Where our desperate fight with childhood obesity goes to die. Where, for once, frightening a child can be considered a rip-roaring good time rather than an actionable offense.

Christopher McCarthy pitched his adoration for this most bizarre and fun holiday on the tenth episode of THIS!

And for those who weren’t keeping score on the guests’ favorite candies in that episode:

Chris McCarthy: Snickers!

Ajia Hagen: Haribo Gummy Bears/Starburst Jelly Beans!

Christian Hagen: Take 5!

You should treat the latest episode like a drinking game: Take a bite of candy anytime anyone references their childhood.

Don’t worry about getting a tummy ache. It’s Halloween!



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