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The first pitch I ever made on this show was carefully chosen; the spark behind the entire idea of this podcast came from my love of telling all my friends, “Oh hey, you have to check out this thing,” or “Seriously, I’ve been loving this so much, you’d love it too.”

One of my favorite go-to recommendations has been P.O.S. Since 2009’s Never Better, I’ve told everyone I know with some vague affinity for hip-hop music that P.O.S. was the best rapper they weren’t listening to yet. And in almost every case, my pitch was successful. The man has such a titanic talent, and has carved a sound that so perfectly encapsulates the place he represents that it’s impossible for anyone who’s lived in or around Minneapolis, as I and most of my friends and family have, not to feel that connection in his music.

Unfortunately, first-pitch recipient and all-around good guy P.O.S. (aka Stefon Alexander) has released a video statement canceling his fall tour and announcing that his kidneys are failing. Receiving dialysis for the time being, he will need a new kidney to keep going, and the medical expenses will surely be quite high.

It’s time for fans to step up and help save this man’s life.

There’s a PayPal donation page for the “Stef Needs a New Kidney” fund that you can find here:

With our help, hopefully P.O.S. will be back up and running and continuing to be the subject of my fanboy admiration for many years to come.


One comment on “OH NO: P.O.S. NEEDS A KIDNEY!

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