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There are moments in the history of stand-up comedy when something transcends the scope of what’s funny, transcends pure entertainment, and becomes of and for something greater. Sometimes stand-up is more than jokes, it’s something raw, something real. Tig Notaro’s recent stand-up performance, captured in audio and released as Tig Notaro Live, is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

In the span of half an hour, Tig Notaro relays the trials of what must be the most difficult year in anyone’s life: Starting with the death of her mother, the end of a long-term relationship, and a bout with a deadly bacteria, she takes listeners through her recent diagnosis of breast cancer. But what’s extraordinary beyond the harrowing story itself is how absolutely hilarious Notaro manages to be, keeping a perfect tone that ensures the audience can laugh through their tears.

Already one of this generation’s most legendary stand-up performances, Tig Notaro Live was pitched by Dinah Douglas in episode eleven of THIS!

You can download the album via iTunes or Amazon.


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