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Somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping and Ajia’s family mourning a loss, I realized I’ve been missing home, and my family, and my friends.

I was feeling kind of low, as I often do when it strikes me how far I am from where I expected to be at this point in my life, so I was digging through my old DVD collection for solace. And what did I find?

Why, a whole mess of home movies.

See, back in high school, my friend Pedro had a really nice camera. And he liked to point that nice camera all over the place: In cars, at diners, on weekend adventures, at major book launches, during inexplicable summer fireworks displays not associated with any holiday or major event that anyone could identify. He’d film it all, and then, when he’d filmed his fill, he’d edit the footage into slices of life for his friends to enjoy on DVD. Many of them are unbearable, slow, really pointless for anyone but the happy few involved in their making. But they cheer me up all the same.

I’ve got four or five of these old home movies lying around, and just seeing us, all in our awkward youth, enjoying our last summers before work and college and loans and everything just came down on all of us, just seeing us in those weird moments of life reminds me of where I’m from and what I set out to be.

More importantly, all of the videos contain hilarious and often embarrassing moments of my friends and I making terrible faces, saying stupid things, and generally just being teenagers.

So I did what any good friend would do: I compiled the best (read: most ridiculous) moments into a collection, converted them to .GIFs, and dumped them on the internet.

This may seem a purely nostalgic or even narcissistic enterprise, and you’d be partially right, but truly, it’s more important to me than that. Nostalgia has its place, as does a small dose of narcissism, and that place is with the people who love you and know you and understand you and despite everything about you worthy of ridicule will still revel in that same twang of old joy at seeing faces recorded years ago, at seeing moments long forgotten, and having a laugh. That’s what this collection means to me.

That, and a one-stop shop for embarrassing clips of me and my high school friends.


[Author’s note: For some reason, only one of the .GIFs plays automatically. The others have to be opened individually to be viewed in motion. Apologies for the inconvenience. -CH]

-Pedro Juan Fonseca

-Mike Larson

-Stuart Wiberg

-Pedro Juan Fonseca

-Stuart Wiberg

-Pedro Juan Fonseca

-Christian Hagen (he could not, in fact, be in our porno)

-Pedro Juan Fonseca

-Christian Hagen

-Laura Thaisen

-Laura Thaisen

-From left: Christian Hagen, Laura Thaisen, Pedro Juan Fonseca

[The following photos date back to July 21, 2007, before the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at Borders Bookstore. Yes, we were those kids.]

-Christopher McCarthy

-Pedro Juan Fonseca

-Christian Hagen (remember: High school.)

-From left: Christian Hagen, Pedro Juan Fonseca, an over-excited Matthew Bahn

-Laura Thaisen (lightning effects from the original clip)

-Pedro Juan Fonseca (book by Noire)

-Peter Abrahamsen, Laura Thaisen

-Christian Hagen (in my defense, that book was awesome)

-Christopher McCarthy

-Pedro Juan Fonseca, Christian Hagen



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